Accomplishing Goals

Our programs have succeeded in providing opportunities and inspiring hope for children and pets.

“We are so grateful for you and Kathy’s Legacy. I can’t imagine what it would have meant if we hadn’t been able to keep my daughter’s cats and reunite her with them, after everything that has happened over this past year. Thank you for playing a key role in us being able to keep them.”

- Lady's Legacy foster program participant

“By connecting my kids with other kids who have experienced the same thing, maybe in a different situation… but that same feeling of extreme pain and loss, really built the sense of community. My kids understood that the option to move forward is possible.”

- Sister of murdered victim & guardian of her orphaned nephews

“Thank you for such a practical and helpful program”

- Lady’s Legacy foster program participant

“Our girls have met new friends, have received much help with realizing some of their dreams; learning their art and making them more focused at school. Thank you!”

- Father of murdered victim with two children participating in Silver Lining

“Because of their support, we have been able to provide our kids the PTSD and trauma therapy sessions needed, additional learning and educational classes during summer, given them comfort through meeting other families that have had tragedy hit as well & I can’t forget the fabulous & gracious holiday gift giving by Kathy’s Legacy. Some of these things may appear to be simple, but plagued with the emotional grief and loss of my sister, I was unable to think day to day and some days unable to think minute to minute.”

- Sister of murdered victim & guardian of her orphaned nephews

“The rubble that you have to sift through… the wreckage that you are in, that still continues… and when the support dwindles, I knew that Ginny and her team would consistently be there for us, supporting us, getting us out of this pain.”

- Guardian of four Silver Lining children

“Being a part of Kathy’s Legacy was something I never thought existed. Since I was entered at a young age, Kathy’s Legacy welcomed me and my sisters with open arms and filled with others who were in a similar situation I am in. I want to say thank you to Kathy’s Legacy for helping not only me, but also my family in supporting us and continuously checking up on us. You have done so much for me and my family I honestly don’t know how I will be able to repay all you for your generosity.”

- Silver Lining Program Graduate

“When domestic homicide happens, we victims are so stunned it almost feels like a spiral downward while we try to cope with our new normal. Keeping our grandchildren feeling safe, protected, and cared for is essential even as we deal with our own unfathomable grief. That is where Kathy’s Legacy stepped in to help with clothes, toys, shoes, summer school classes and activities like trips to the Ruben H. Fleet Space Center, Bowling, and to the Wild Animal Park, all with other domestic homicide kids, so our grandchildren can meet others struggling with the same loss. Kathy’s Legacy has helped us create new happy memories so essential to our healing. This charity has saved us on many levels and. Deserves support. Thank you, Kathy’s Legacy, for all you do!”

- Mother of murdered victim and grandmother of four Silver Lining Program participants

“Kathy’s Legacy is here to ensure our family and our children’s success- to support us through the ups and downs, through all the aches and pains, and through all the hills we still have left to climb, and they do it all without the threat of there being an expiration date on their support. It is like having the best of the best coaches in your corner for the game we call life. We are beyond grateful and wish the same experience for everyone facing these types of tragedy.”

- Guardian of Silver Lining program participants

“The fact of them remembering, loving us unconditionally, and remaining a constant in our lives when enough time passes and others pressed “resume” on their own lives, has met so much to us…to be truthful, it’s hard for me to find any words for how I really feel. I can definitely say that, without a doubt, if we had never been introduced to Kathy’s Legacy, the family healing, moving past the trauma, organic bonding and bliss I feel now with my family of six would NOT have been possible.”

- Sister of murdered victim

“Words cannot describe what Kathy’s Legacy has done for the kids.  We are so thankful for all the help financially and emotionally that has been given.”

- Guardian of three Silver Lining children

“There truly is a Silver Lining. I can’t express how much good these get-togethers, like the Fleet Science Center have been for my grandchildren. The children have reconnected with children they had met at the Christmas party and are becoming good friends. The Science Center was so much fun for everyone and so much learned. Cool!”

- Grandmother of two Silver Lining children