Kathy’s Law

About Kathy’s Law

Outraged by the number of deaths due to domestic violence including Scharbarth’s brutal and needless death, California State Assembly member Ben Hueso (D-Chula Vista) was inspired to author Assembly Bill 2467, also known as “Kathy’s Law.” The law will allow judges to order electronic monitoring of a perpetrator, in addition to a restraining order in certain domestic violence cases. This allows the victim to be notified if the perpetrator is in the vicinity.

Kathy’s Law

“The law will save lives,” said Assembly member Hueso. “I am very proud to have authored this bill in Kathy Scharbarth’s honor in hopes of keeping her memory alive and preventing tragedies in the future.”

Scharbarth’s family was instrumental in the creation and passage of this law. Governor Brown said letters written by Kathy’s family convinced him to sign the bill into law. Assembly member Hueso thought “it was only fitting to give Scharbarth’s daughter the pen the Governor used to sign Kathy’s Law.”

-State Senator Ben Hueso’s Website

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