Silver Lining

Our Silver Lining program assists children whose lives are traumatically altered by the murder of a parent due to domestic violence. Through no fault of their own they are orphaned by one senseless act. In some cases, the children witness the murder, the immediate aftermath, call 911, or provide CPR in an attempt to save their mothers’ lives. Every day, these children battle PTSD, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, night terrors, aggression, cutting, and/or bed wetting.

Lady’s Legacy

Kathy rescued Lady, a yellow lab. She and Lady were inseparable. Lady enjoyed long walks, cuddling with Kathy, and lying in the sun. Kathy spoiled Lady with turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. Sadly, Lady witnessed Kathy’s murder. It was evident she missed Kathy by her somber demeanor. Lady was a victim of domestic abuse. We understand how devastating it is for pets to be caught in the crossfire of domestic violence.