Lady’s Legacy Program

Pet Protection

Family pets are often unnoticed victims of domestic abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 71% of women entering shelters reported that their batterer had injured, killed or threatened to hurt their pet to psychologically control them or get revenge. Once victims leave, the abuse of their pets often increases. That concern keeps people from leaving their batterer. Animal cruelty is one of the earliest and most dramatic indicators that an individual may be developing a pattern or seeking power and control through abusing others. When animals in a home are abused or neglected it is a warning sign that others in the household may be in danger.

Lady’s Legacy

Kathy rescued Lady, a yellow lab. She and Lady were inseparable. Lady enjoyed long walks, cuddling with Kathy, and lying in the sun. Kathy spoiled Lady with turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. Sadly, Lady witnessed Kathy’s murder. It was evident she missed Kathy by her somber demeanor. Lady was a victim of domestic abuse. We understand how devastating it is for pets to be caught in the crossfire of domestic violence.

Helping victims and pets

Through our Lady’s Legacy program, we offer long-term housing for pets while domestic violence victims receive shelter assistance. Currently in San Diego, only service animals and emotional support animals are allowed at some domestic violence shelters. This program is an essential step in helping victims of domestic violence feel confident in leaving an abusive situation knowing their pets will be safely fostered. 

On a case by case basis pets in our Lady’s Legacy program may receive, necessary vaccinations, medical treatment, and/or neuter/spay procedures. Pet owners will also be provided various supplies upon reunification. 

Community Partners – San Diego Humane Society

We have partnered with SDHS to establish a support system for victims and their pets to co-shelter when leaving an abusive situation. The San Diego Humane Society and Kathy’s Legacy share the same passion and resolve to find ways to assist both people and pets suffering in domestic violence situations.