Ten Things I Love About Kathy by Michael Scharbarth

10 Things I Love About Kathy

by Michael Scharbarth

I am Kathy’s younger brother, Michael. As a kid I admired her scholastic achievement and as an adult I admired her tenacity to overcome adversity. Now, she lives as a loving memory I cherish every day.

I would like to share 10 things I love about Kathy.

  1. I love how when Kathy became a single mother at 20 she spent the next 13 years of her life providing for her daughter, Madison. Even though she faced many challenges she gave it her all. She was a great mom!

2. I love Kathy’s personality. I describe her as someone hard not to like. She had an aura about her that always made everyone welcome. Kathy was selfless and cared more for others than herself.

3. I love how Kathy liked to celebrate. When I graduated from high school, she took me to New York to see the Yankees play. She created a weeklong memory that I will cherish forever. She was someone you wanted sitting next to you at a birthday dinner, or while opening presents on Christmas morning.


4. I love how, although Kathy’s full academic potential was cut short, her example to excel in school was one that influenced me to push my limits in school and baseball.

5. I love how Kathy was my cheerleader at all my baseball games. Often, she yelled from the stands, “Are you watching the same game I am Blue?”

baseball game

6. I love how Kathy valued tradition. Every Christmas Eve dinner she ordered the stuffed mushrooms appetizer. I continue the tradition for her and prepare stuffed mushrooms for Christmas dinner.

7. I love the relationship she had with our parents. As the oldest child she was a good role model for Melissa and me. She taught us to be respectful and thoughtful to our parents.


8. I love how when I was in college Kathy was my proofreader. I spent many nights at her house. She never said no to anyone who needed help. What a great big sister!

9. I love how Kathy was a good listener. You knew she absorbed your words because her response made you feel like you were the only person in the room.


10. I love how when she would take a serious situation and turn it into something funny. In Hawaii, she sideswiped the rental along a column in the parking lot. She came upstairs and told Dad that the pole had moved.


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