Supporting Success in School

In 2009, Kate and her brother faced the devastating loss of their mother to domestic violence. Since then, they have been under the loving care of their grandmother. Despite her own significant health challenges, Kate’s grandmother tirelessly ensures her grandchildren have the opportunities they deserve.
From a young age, Kate has encountered difficulties with reading and comprehension. Starting from 3rd grade, she received extra support from the school. However, as she progressed to 8th grade, it became evident that the assistance provided was insufficient, leaving Kate significantly below grade level in various subjects. She began to feel embarrassed and worried that her peers would notice her struggles. Recognizing Kate’s potential, her grandmother feared for her success in high school and graduation. She also felt overwhelmed and confused with knowing where to start to support her grandchild. These concerns were shared with Kathy’s Legacy, prompting immediate action to aid Kate.
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Through our partnership with One Safe Place, we connected with a lawyer specializing in education, who generously offered assistance pro bono. Together we facilitated a meeting with the school board. Despite having an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), it was clear from Kate’s records that she wasn’t meeting her goals and was receiving diminishing support from the school each year.
Eventually an agreement was reached with the district to fund additional tutoring outside of school. This was a significant advancement for Kate, yet it wasn’t the end of her journey. Due to her grandmother’s struggles with technology, finding a suitable tutor within the school district’s parameters was challenging. To ease this burden, Kathy’s Legacy took charge, locating a tutor perfectly suited to Kate’s needs.

Kate is in her first year of high school and has made the honor roll for the first time. We are so proud of how far she has come and everything she has accomplished.

Kathy’s Legacy is honored to be trusted by our Silver Lining families to support them in times of need and allow us to help them thrive.


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