Silver Lining Spotlight: Family 2

Note: Kathy’s Legacy does not share photos of the children’s faces or use their real names. Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

A couple of years ago, Marguerite, a fearful mother of two sons, ages 10 and 5, called the police department requesting officers accompany her while she retrieved some items from her home. Instead she went to her identical twin sister’s house for the night. While with her sister, Emily, Marguerite’s husband wildly entered the home and quickly shot and killed his wife and then himself. Emily’s husband and two young sons were in the home as well. This senseless act left two young boys without parents and family members traumatized from witnessing a murder-suicide in their home.


Marguerite’s twin sister and brother-in-law lovingly welcomed their nephews into their home to raise them after the tragedy. The responsibility of raising four boys has been challenging along with the overwhelming financial and emotional needs.

Evan, age 5, the youngest, enjoys LEGOS and constructing tracks for his trains. The older boys David, Chris and Jacob 12, 9, 8 are interested in programming, STEM classes, and Minecraft. The boys look out for one another and have definitely become a foursome.

These children have been able to restore a semblance of normalcy through involvement in activities funded by Kathy’s Legacy, like summer robotics, surf camps, as well as art classes at the San Diego Art Institute. They eagerly attend all of Kathy’s Legacy family outings. The boys have formed friendships with other Silver Lining children and are excited to see each other. The trauma this family has endured is summed up best by Marguerite’s sister.

A message from Marguerite’s twin sister – Emily

“The thing about tragedy is that it gives no notice to any of those that will be left in its wake. There is no guidebook, no navigational path forward or step-by-step guide for the family to follow on how to put the pieces back together. I was personally beside myself with both the loss of my twin sister and the gaining of my two nephews, making my prior family of four now with family of six. The only possible way to describe the impact of Kathy’s Legacy on our life, is to say that we have gained an extended family.

Already the contribution by our extended family (both personally and fiscally) is life-changing. Because of their support, we have been able to provide our kids the PTSD and trauma therapy sessions needed, additional learning and educational classes during summer, given them comfort through meeting other families that have had tragedy hit as well & I can’t forget the fabulous & gracious holiday gift giving by Kathy’s Legacy donors. Some of these things may appear to be simple but plagued with the emotional grief and loss of my sister, I was unable to think day to day and some days unable to think minute to minute. The fact of them remembering, loving us unconditionally, and remaining a constant in our lives when enough time passes and others pressed “resume” on their own lives, has met so much to us…to be truthful, it’s hard for me to find any words for how I really feel. I can definitely say that, without a doubt, if we had never been introduced to Kathy’s Legacy, the family healing, moving past the trauma, organic bonding and bliss I feel now with my family of six would NOT have been possible. They are here to ensure our family and our children’s success- to support us through the ups and downs, through all the aches and pains, and through all the hills we still have left to climb, and they do it all without the threat of there being an expiration date on their support. It is like having the best of the best coaches in your corner for the game we call life. We are beyond grateful and wish the same experience for everyone facing these types of tragedy. ❤”



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