Children and Trauma Series | Part 2

PART 2 | Recovering from a traumatic event and how KLF plays a role in healing

Part 1 of our Children and Trauma series explored what trauma is and what some of the long-term implications of experiencing trauma are. In part 2, we are highlighting a just a few strategies that have shown success in addressing effects of trauma, and Kathy’s Legacy’s role in the healing process.

How successful a child is at recovering from abuse or trauma depends on several things, including having:

  • A good support system or good relationships with trusted adults
  • High self-esteem
  • Healthy friendships

Childhood activities play a crucial role in the recovery and well-being of children who have experienced trauma and can support positive relationships with themselves and others. It is important to consider the individual needs and preferences of each child. Some children may find solace in artistic endeavors, while others may benefit from sports or group activities. Providing a supportive and nurturing environment that allows for a range of activities tailored to the child’s interests can contribute significantly to their healing and recovery from trauma (1).


Through our Silver Lining program, participants receive funding to explore and participate in various extracurriculars and activities. We previously showcased how impactful art was for one Silver Lining girl in our Healing Through Art blog post. In addition to art lessons we have had children participate in dance classes, surf lessons, flag football, soccer, softball, extended learning courses, coding camps and more! 


Silver Lining programing is tailored to provide opportunities for children to experience the lost joys of childhood as we often hear from the kids that they “just want to be like everyone else.” Planning and affording childhood experiences is the last thing guardians of the children orphaned by domestic abuse consider as they are in survival mode living one day to the next. Multiple times a year Kathy’s Legacy hosts family outings and activities for all Silver Lining children and their families. These family outings allow them to participate in social experiences they may not have the opportunity for otherwise, and promote their exposure to different activities and events from sports to science and art.

Children who have experienced trauma may struggle with feelings of fear, anxiety, and helplessness, and may have difficulty trusting others or forming healthy relationships later in life. Over the years we have seen that our Silver Lining family events are where the children feel most comfortable and are creating happy memories with one another. Having all the children together at one time has shown the kids that they are not alone. We are determined to ensure these children lead lives not identified by trauma. 

**This is not medical advice and is not an exhaustive list of methods or therapies for responding to traumatic events.